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Animal Tesing

I once received a pamphlet from a friend when I was in college. He told me to read it and pass it on. The pamphlet contained information about animal testing. It listed the companies that still use it, and those that did not. I felt sad when I saw that many of the companies that did it were the companies that make many of the things that I use in my home. As a result, I threw out most of those stuff when I got home. I then tried to decide on what products I could use. I always try my best to get the right products, although I cant say that I am perfect about buying the right ones.

Animal Tesing

Do you know that animal testing has been around for a long time? I prefer to hear that it is being done for medical research, even if I still think that it should not be condoned for any reason. I feel disgusted whenever I hear that animal testing is done for things like shampoos and conditioners. Of course, I understand that a company has to know if their product will harm a person when they use it. However, I think that they should find another way to test their products other than using it on those poor animals.

lot of other people are also bothered with the issue of animal testing. Animals should have a long, love-filled life as a pet. They should not be used to test products for beauty reasons. We should not see these animals as things that we can use for whatever we think we need to do. The thought of animals suffering from chemicals slathered on their skin, locked away in cages, knowing nothing but pain is unbearable for me.

Animal Tesing


Animal testing that is used for medications is not any better, but at least that is used to save lives. I can dealwith frizzy hair if it means that there is less animal testing going on. I live with giving up my favorite conditionerfor this cause. In fact, I have found something that works even better. The best thing is that it is not tested on animals. It may take you some time to find the right stuff if you really want to boycott companies that use animal testing. However, the time and effort spent in finding these products is worth it.

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