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This Puppy Was Raised By Cats, And Now Thinks He's One Of Them

Tally the husky mix grew up in a house with cats before she moved in with Imgur user xlinnea. Because of this, she developed some very un-dog-like tendencies that are so cute, you have to see it to believe it. Just looking at her makes my heart melt!


While most dogs lie down with their legs out in front of them, Tally tucks hers underneath her, just like her feline "parents. "


She also developed a particular liking for boxes!


I don't think she's coming out of there for a long time.


At least her owner doesn't have to buy her an expensive dog bed!


She's not allowed upstairs, but she'll try to sneak up one step at a time. She pretends like she's just lounging there, but everyone knows what she's trying to do.


She even learned some sleeping positions from her kitty caretakers.


Of course, her habits aren't ALL feline. Here she is as a puppy getting into trouble...


...and then as an adult dog, still sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.


And just like any cold-weather dog, she loves hanging out in the snow.


This is the face of one happy pup!


Whether she's behaving like a dog, a cat, or just a goofball, Tally is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen.


Hopefully, it'll just be a matter of time before we see more of her adorable antics!



It must be interesting to have a dog with such silly habits, but I'm sure that there's never a dull day when Tally's around!

Source: imgur.com


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