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Popular Goldfish Types


There are a number of different types of fancy goldfish and many of them have equally fancy goldfish names. These long-lived fish can be quite hardy but some of them are delicate. The more delicate ones should really be cared for by keepers with more experience. The following is an outline of eight of the most popular goldfish types available today.

The Comet

The Comet is a very docile goldfish. It is a daring and active species and thrives in a tank environment that is rich in stimulation. Because of their active nature, they are best housed in a tank that is at least 10 gallons. They also grow well so do not be surprised if you have to rehouse your comet because they can live up to the grand old age of 37 years. They appreciate a vegetable based diet and color supplements can be fed to make the most of their varied gold, white and black colors.

Black Moore

One of the most popular and appealing species of goldfish, the black moore is a hardy little fish that you can expect to live up to 17 years. In the right tank environment, they are prodigious growers and can reach over seven inches in length. Very docile and with an ungainly swimming gait because of their large bodies, these fish are not gold at all. They are completely black and with the right food supplements will maintain a dark indigo black color all of their lives.


The Ryukin is an omnivorous goldfish species but will thrive on a vegetable based diet. It is a docile fish that makes an easy tank mate for many other species. It can be found in a range of colors than include calico, red and white, and orange. You may want to consider feeding your fish supplements to make the most of the rich colors if you are feeding it a completely vegetable diet. With a life expectancy of up to 15 years, their short round bodies can grow to be quite large. They are an inquisitive species and will always thrive in a tank where there are plenty of distractions for them to explore.


The fantail makes a perfect fish for a beginner to keep. They are very docile and make good tank mates with a number of other species. They can live for twenty years and grow to be as much as eight inches long and two inches wide, so keep an eye of tank capacity as they grow. They come in a range of colors that include orange, black and orange, and white and orange. They have a round body with a split fantail that can be as much as half as long again as their body size.


The Lionhead is more of a challenge to keep in a tank. A truly omnivorous fish they need to be fed a mixture of vegetable and protein if they are to thrive. This rich diet can lead to problems with keeping the water in their tanks clean and healthy. They are poor swimmers so if they are to be kept with other species, they need to be housed with other fish that are equally poor swimmers. They can live to be 15 year old and can be seen in a variety of colors that include calico and blue.

Bubble Eye

The Bubble Eye requires an advanced aquarium keeper if they are to thrive. They are recognized because of the large fluid filled sacs under each eye, which can be ruptured easily by other fish or furniture in the tank. They require an omnivorous diet of vegetable and protein to thrive. They live for up to 14 years and, if fed and looked after properly, can grow to more than six inches in length. They are also recognized by the lack of a dorsal fin and a split fin tail.


Living for up to 15 years, the pearlscale is a fish that can grow to more than five inches in length. They require an omnivorous diet if they are to do well and supplements are often needed to make the most of their rich colors. They can be found in green, black, calico, lemon and orange and as they grow larger, the formation of their scales can give the impression they are suffering from dropsy. They thrive best if kept in p.H. neutral water.


This long-lived species of goldfish fancy can grow up to 5 inches in length over a fifteen-year lifespan. They are most frequently seen in lemon, red capo, black, blue, and calico colorings, although it may be necessary to feed them supplements if you wish to make the most of their colorings. Almost identical to a lionhead, they have a smaller wen above their eyes. They really need an advanced keeper if they are to thrive, as they are delicate fish.

There are many different species of goldfish, all fancy and with very descriptive goldfish names. If you are considering keeping a goldfish, expect to make a long-term commitment that can last for many, many years. You should also choose your first goldfish carefully, as some species are delicate and require careful looking after if they are to reach maturity. Choosing a robust and hardy species will give you all the experience of managing an aquarium that you need before taking on one of the more delicate species.



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