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12 Cats Who Are Terrorizing The Dog ... Again

1. "Don't even THINK of leaving this corner, you oaf."

Reddit: organic_earthling

2. "Move along, Human. Nothing to see here."

3. "That's right, WHO'S IN CHARGE NOW, DOG?"

Reddit: belhavenbest

4. "It would certainly be a shame if anything happened to that bone buried in the backyard ... "

Reddit: Logic007

5. "Don't try anything foolish, Dog. "

Reddit: PrincessKittySavior

6. "This is what happens when you lounge in MY sunspot, Dog."

7. "This is MY dog now."

Reddit: Bobbittopolis

8. "Your dog will be returned to you once my food bowl is filled, Human."

9. "I was just having a little chat with Dog about the rules around here ..."

10. "There's no other way out, you fools!"

Reddit: CompletelySusan

11. "My paw is a half inch from your throat. Think twice before barking again."

12. "He's certainly going to be surprised when he wakes up and finds that his bed is now MINE, MUAHAHAHA!"

Reddit: SecretAg3nt

Be careful, cats. Dogs can get revenge, too.

Reddit: Rawr_And_Stuff


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