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Dog Declared Mayor in Colorado Town Special Election

Dog  Mayor

After what could only be described as a dog and cat fight, the mayoral race for the town of Divide finally came to an end earlier this month. The winner: Pa Kettle, a bloodhound. 

Pa Kettle doesn't have any real mayoral duties, though. Every two years the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS), the only no-kill shelter in Teller County, holds a special election to elect a new animal as "mayor.

" The election serves as a fundraiser for the animal shelter, raising $1 per vote. 

According to 9News.com, this year's election brought in $12,091 for the animal shelter. 

Pa Kettle has unseated the mayoral incumbent, a 3-legged-cat, and upset Buster the cat, considered the early frontrunner in the TCRAS special mayoral election. 

Pa Kettle, which also serves as a search and rescue dog for Teller County, could not be immediately reached for comment, but his spokesperson did mention the "mayor" was looking forward to promoting plenty of dog-friendly legislation during his term. 

"Cats have had their way with this town for far too long," she said.



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