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A Few Simple Steps Toward Better Pet Health Read more: A Few Simple Steps Toward Better Pet Health

You can't control everything about your health, but there is much that you can. The same goes for your pet. Some positive habits, adhered to over time, can make a significant difference in the quality of your pet's life and even in their overall pet health. Each of these health habits seem pretty small in themselves, but when they are a lifelong habit, they really can go far toward protecting your pet from illness and debilitation.

A Healthy Diet

How many times have you heard "you are what you eat"? It's a bit facile, but is more true than not. To have a healthy pet, you must give him a healthy diet. Depending upon the age and activity level of your pet, always choose the food that provides maximum nutritional benefit. Pet health begins with proper nutrition at every stage of life.

An Exercise Regimen

It's hard to overstate the benefit of regular exercise to your pet's body and state of mind. Pets who get daily exercise are happier and healthier. On average, dog parents want to plan for 15 minute walks two times per day as a minimum. Older dogs or dogs with extenuating health conditions should still get regular daily exercise. Cats don't need you to walk them, but they do need the exercise and mental stimulation that comes with play. Dangle a ribbon, toss a stuffed play toy or have them chase a laser dot.

Since cats bathe themselves this mostly applies to dogs, although cats will benefit from a weekly brushing too. Dogs should be brushed regularly (and every time after a walk in tall grass) as it is good for their coat and skin. Bathing the dog will depend upon the weather, but it should be a regular event. If your dog smells, he needs a bath. Brush your cat or dog's teeth once a week as well. Not only will you prevent problems, but you will be close enough for long enough to spot troubles when they start.

Yearly Doctor Visit

Make sure your pet has an annual visit with the vet. Your pet ages faster than you do and they can't tell you about changes they are experiencing. A yearly checkup will help you stay on top of any alterations. Think about it, every time you miss an annual pet checkup it's as if five to seven years have passed for your pet.

It doesn't take much to help your pet live a longer and healthier life. A few simple habits can make a huge impact on pet health. Companies like ProLabs Pets offers dog and cat owners a range of products to improve the lives of those very special family members.



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