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28 Cats Who Are Not Going To Move For You

And they don’t really care how it affects you.

1. “Oh, you wanted to close the closet door?”

2. “Just keep your head like this.”

3. “Walk around me.”

28 Cats Who Are Not Going To Move For You

(Don’t worry, this cat is alive — just very content with his spot.)

4. “The eggs will still be here when I’m done.

5. “I expect you will leave this clear for me?”

6. “Sorry about your flowers, but this is a good spot.”

7. “If you didn’t want me laying here, you shouldn’t have chosen such a comfy chair cover.”

8. “This sunlight is just my size.”

9. “You may need to pack, but we were here first.”

10. “The dog doesn’t need food today.”

11. “I dare you to take out that sweater you’re looking for.”

12. “You might be here for a while, my friend.”

13. “This oven mitt is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

14. “I would invest in a lint roller if I were you.”

15. “What do you mean, this doesn’t LOOK comfortable?”

16. “You have plenty of other shoes to choose from, I’m not moving.”

17. “I don’t care that you want a picture for Instagram, this is the best spot and I’m not leaving it.”

18. “It’s warm and cozy in here.”

19. “It’s cute how you think I’m going to move.”

28 Cats Who Are Not Going To Move For You

20. “You got a problem?”

Cat in a bowl

21. “I don’t cater to your expectations.”

22. “For me and my life, this is the best place I could be.”

23. “Better pull up another chair.”

24. “It’s not Ugg weather yet, so maybe shut your yapper Karen.”

In case you're having a bad day, here's a cat in a boot. Sorry if repost.

25. “This spot is where it’s AT.”

26. “Do you need something?”

27. “This only works out for one of us.”

28. “It’s official: we have found the best spots.”


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