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Bird Products

BIRD Products

Bird Feed

While most pet birds can generic pet food, you may want to purchase bird food designed specifically for your bird. Bird feed should be high in nutritional value and should not contain a high nut content – birds can become addicted to high fat nuts causing them to become malnourished and susceptible to disease.

Bird Cages

Provide your bird with a spacious bird cage that helps give your bird the exercise and mental stimulation they need to stay content and healthy. A good bird cage will offer perches and ladders, giving your bird plenty of places to perch and play. Birds also will enjoy a small toy or two to push around. Be sure to equip your cage with food and water containers that can easily be filled and cleaned.

Bird perch

Bird perches are not only enjoyable to the bird, but can also be useful in grinding down the nails and beak of a bird. Textured perches provide a great surface for birds to strengthen important foot and leg muscles.

Bird ladders

Your bird can climb his way to the top on a brightly colored and sturdy wood ladder! Wooden ladders are a great addition to any cage and provide your bird with needed exercise.

Bird cage liners

Bird cage liners are a safe, efficient, and sanitary way to keep your bird's cage clean. Cage liners are made of absorbent cotton layers designed to pull moisture deep inside, keeping the upper layer dry to the touch and containing liquid messes and reducing odors associated with pet waste.

Bird cage litter

Bird cage litters are generally made out of highly absorbent corncob particles designed to control pet odors. Cage litters are made of non-toxic materials and are biodegradable. Some brands of bird cage litter offer scented and non-scented varieties. For best results spread your bird litter about 1" deep evenly in the bottom of the cage and change the litter about every two weeks. 



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