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Taking Your Pet's Temperature

Normal body temperature for dogs and cats ranges between 99° and 102°F at rest.  Strenuous exercise or stress can cause their temp to go up slightly but it should return to normal once they have calmed down.  While a fever may not be dangerous by itself, it can point to more serious underlying problems.

  The list below gives various temperatures and what action to take for each one.


106° or higher              EMERGENCY            Call your vet now!  

                                  Cool you pet!  

105°                           High fever                   Call your vet now

104°                          Moderate fever             Call your vet same day

103°                          Moderate fever              Call your vet same day                          

102°                          Normal range                No action                             

101°                          Normal range                No action
100°                          Normal range                No action                             

99°                            Normal range                No action                             

99° to 95°                  Mild Hypothermia          Call your vet same day

Below 95°                  EMERGENCY              Call your vet now!

                                 Warm your pet! 


You can take your pet’s temperature rectally, which is the old tried and true method (keep that thermometer separate from yours!), or you can purchase thermometers that get a reading using the animals ear, or, they now have no-contact thermometers for dogs available.  If you choose the tried and true method, have someone help to pet the dog and distract him.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Shake down the mercury until it reads about 96°F.
  • Lubricate the bulb tip with mineral oil, K-Y or petroleum jelly.
  • Grasp the base of your pet’s tail and lift it up.  Insert the thermometer about halfway.  Keep a firm grip on the tail to prevent your pet from escaping or sitting down (ouch!).  If possible, have your pet lie down on his side.
  • After 3 minutes, remove the thermometer, wipe it clean and get the reading.  Be sure to clean the thermometer with rubbing alcohol when finished.



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