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What Is Cat Grass?


If your cat’s an outdoor cat, you may have been puzzled from time to time when you caught her chowing down on the grass in your yard like it was her last supper.

And then there are those rows of cat grass products in the animal stores, too.

So what’s that all about – and why does your cat love grass so much?

Turns out, there’s a real reason behind it … and it’s got nothing to do with the taste. 

Believe It or Not, Grass Contains Vitamins

That green stuff you step on without even thinking twice? Yeah, it’s got all kinds of goodies in it that your cat just yearns for. The juices in grass actually contain folic acid, which helps aid your kitty in the production of oxygen for her bloodstream. In fact, a cat with folic acid deficiency could become anemic, and for young cats a lack of it can even stunt their growth. In this case, it’s probably a good thing that your cat chows down on a little grass from time-to-time.

The Poop Appeal

While it’s hard to say for sure if cat grass actually does act as nature’s laxative for your cat, experts believe that it could add fiber to your kitty’s diet, which could aid them when they try to pass worms or fur through their intestines. Another theory is that cats eat the grass to help settle their stomachs (it’s believed this is why dogs like eating grass, as well).

Of course, your cat will most likely throw up her lunch of grass and blades, since her system wasn’t developed to digest plant matter. Throwing up a natural way for cats to clear their digestive tracts, though, so it’s not such a bad thing when it happens on occasion.

Where Can I Find It?

If you’d prefer to keep your cat’s grazing to indoors where you can monitor her (or if your cat simply doesn’t get outside very often), most pet stores sell feline herbs or greens (which are usually wheat or oat grass) as either seeds you can grow yourself or in their pre-spouted form.



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