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The Perfect Moments That Make Adopting A Pet So Totally Worth It

Adopting a pet is a truly special thing. There are so many amazing first moments you and your pet get to experience together. Here a few of the best ones.

The First Picture

"First picture we saw of our dog. We knew we had to adopt him."




The First Meeting

"I adopted a kitten last week, and the shelter got a picture of our first meeting! (I had no idea until they posted it on Facebook)."




The First Time They See You

"Our rescue baby finally opened her eyes!"




The First Pet Ever

"I've lived in highrise buildings that do not allow dogs for my entire adult life so I decided to adopt this 7 week old beauty. Meet Betty, my first ever pet."




The First Car Ride

"Reddit, meet Parce! I just adopted him today, my first dog."




The First Time Coming Home

"'Please don't leave me' The day we brought her home from the shelter."




The First Meal

"One of my local rescues posted this photo of a kitten after his first solid food meal."





The First Outing

"The aftermath of my shelter dog's first visit to the dog park."




The First Destruction

"I just surprised my gf with this rescue kitten."




The First Friend

"My first foster dog had a rough life. She was adopted and they send me updates. I think she went to the perfect home."




The First Beach Trip

"My rescue dog on her first day at the beach!"




The First Birthday ... And Many More

"Today is my rescue dog Koopa's 6th Birthday! Cheers to many more, my furry friend."




If you want to experience some of these moments with a furry friend of your own, check out Adopt-a-Pet and consider adopting!



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