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Choosing the Perfect Name for Your New Pet Fish

Fish Pet

Fish are the perfect pet; they live in a contained environment; they will not chew your sofa apart while you are at work; they only need to be fed once a day. For many children, and even adults, fish are a stepping stone to having a larger pet such as a cat or dog. Sometimes, the hardest part of owning a fish is choosing between the many cool fish names that are available.

Read on to learn more about cool fish names that you can consider before getting your first pet.

Fish Names

Many people use the genus of the fish in order to choose a name. There is no problem with choosing a name that is "fish" inspired. You can simply call your fish "Fish," "Fishy," "Big Fish," or even "Little Fish." You can also draw some inspiration from famous fish such as "Flounder" from "The Little Mermaid." Fish-based names do not have to be terribly creative and they can be very simple.

Family Names

You can name your fish after a beloved family member, and choosing a family name for your fish can be very easy. Name your fish "Steve" after your favorite uncle or name it "Ernie" after your grandfather. You can even choose your surname, your mom's maiden name, or a family name that you wish you had been given. For instance, you could have always wanted your parents to name you Evelyn, but your name is Susan; instead, you can name your fish Evelyn and live out your wish through your fish.

Unexpected Names

Consider the name "Fido" for your goldfish or "Kitty" for your spotted mackerel. Choosing a fun and unbefitting name for your fish is a fun way to start your day with a smile. As a bonus, your friends will likely be surprised when you call for Fido, and all they see is your goldfish.

A Name with Strength

You should not consider that your fish is two inches long and weighs approximately four ounces, when thinking of a name for your fish. Giving it a name that does not describe the fish is fine too. Consider names such as Atlas, Brutus, Bruce Lee, Goliath, or even Diablo, if you are looking for a strong name that stands out. However, be careful because choosing a strong name for your fish can give it an unattractive quality that will scare your friends away from saying hello.

People Names

Just because your fish is a fish, does not mean it has to have a fish name. There are many human names that can be humorous options for cool fish names. Charlie, Bradley, Finn, Gilbert, and Joe are all common human names that can be considered as perfect names for a fish of any weight and size.

Once you bring your fish home from the pet store, the first thing that you have to do is give it a name. Choosing from the many possible cool fish names can be a difficult task, so spend some time brainstorming for possible names. Draw inspiration from your home, your family, and your interests. Finally, before you settle on a name, observe the fish for a while and find a name that seems to suit its personality.



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