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17 Reasons Dogs Make Better Bridesmaids Than Humans

Your bridal party automatically jumps up 10 points on the scale of adorable when a wagging tail is included. Most people make their pup a furry ringbearer or dress them up in cute bridalwear for pictures, but what about making them a bridesmaid? Here are 17 reasons why your dog could end up being your favorite bridesmaid.

1. They won’t care what color they have to wear – everything looks fabulous on them.

wedding 24 new

Source: objektiv


2. They won’t make you wear phallic accessories for your bachelorette party.

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Source: Bride Guide


3. You know they’ll always be on time – or as least just as late as you’re running.

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Source: Dog Breed Portal


4. They aren’t picky about who they walk with down the aisle.

wedding 31 new

Source: Dog Vacay


5. You don’t have to worry about planning around their schedule. (You know it by heart being your dog’s pawsonal assistant and all.)

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Source: flickriver


6. They won’t get inappropriately drunk at the reception.

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Source: Jordan McBride


7. Or spill all your secrets.

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Source: Completely Yours Events


8. Or kiss your cousin.


Source: True Photography


9. They’ll be excited about centerpieces and floral arrangements – mostly because they’re always excited when you are.

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Source: Unleashed Weddings


10. You don’t have to worry about their budget since you’re footing the bill.

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Source: Bark Post


11. You don’t have to worry about them getting along with other bridesmaids. A friend of yours is surely a friend of theirs.

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Source: NY Racked


12. They won’t fight you about hair appointment times.

wedding 26 new

Source: Wedding Dogs


13. Or having to wear heels.

dog heels new

Source: Wedding Bee


14. You’ll have the pawfect dance partner.

wedding 22 new

Source: Erik Meadows


15. They won’t mind taking endless photos – as long as treats are involved.

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Source: London Bridge


16. They’ll calm your wedding jitters like no one else can.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10

Source: Jordan McBride


17. Best of all, you know they’ll be your biggest (and fluffiest) supporter as they are every other day.

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Source: kuaike


Feature image via NY Racked



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