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Libby And Elsa: The Adorable Relationship Between A Toddler And Her Kitty

Libby and Elsa have been buddies from the beginning. We got Elsa as a kitten when Libby was just over a year. I couldn’t believe how quickly they took to each other. Libby would just pick Elsa up and tote her all over the house and Elsa didn’t mind one bit!

As they both got older the bond never changed.

Elsa walks in the room and Libby runs over and gives her a big hug and picks her up for some cuddles! Libby likes to include Elsa in everything that she does from going for walks to playing with toys, morning cuddles and more!! I can never be 100% sure if Elsa loves the cuddles as much as Libby or not as she’s purring loud as can be right up until the moment she makes her getaway!

The joy they bring us is almost too much too handle! I love that I get to photograph all of their cuteness on a daily basis.

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