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15 Reasons Mini Donkeys Are The Dream Pet You've Never Met

As if they weren't already cute enough, now we find out donkeys come in extra small versions! 

Miniature donkeys are native to Northern Africa and the Mediterranean Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. 


They aren't just baby donkeys, but a distinct breed that was imported to the US in the 1920s.

Source: reddit.com

Male mini donkeys are called "jacks" and females are "jennets." Babies are called "foals" just like baby horses.

Source: imgarcade.com

A horse foal and mini donkey foal play together.

Mini donkeys only weigh 15 to 29 pounds at birth (and it's mostly ears).


Fully mature miniature donkeys are still quite wee, averaging between 32 and 36 inches tall.

Source: heavy.com

This is KneeHi, who holds the Guinness World Record for world's shortest donkey. He's a mere 25.29 inches tall.

Source: yahoo.com

Despite their small stature, miniature donkeys can be trained to work. At 3 years old they're able to pull a cart or carry a pack.  


Minis are kind, docile, lovable, animals. Often kept as pets, they're know to be affectionate and loyal--both with humans and other animals!


On farms, a mini donkey may bond with sheep, protecting them against canine predators (foxes, coyotes and wild dogs) as it would one of its own.

Source: vetstreet.com

If a mini donkey considers you a friend, they may bray, snort, and snuffle when they see you. They may also make this adorable face.


They love children and seem to be extra careful and kind with them.


Donkeys are herd animals, which means they must have friends to keep them company.


They have ways of getting attention if they feel neglected!


Donkeys are stereotyped as "stubborn" animals,  but it's just because they're cautious and have good memories. If something frightened them in the past, they'll remember it.

Source: minidonks.com

At the end of a hard day, petting and hugging a mini donkey may be just what you need.



Learn more about the marvelous world of mini donkeys at The National Miniature Donkey Association

featured image via DailyMail



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