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Bathing your Kitty

Some cats may actually like to be bathed, though not very often! Bathing may assist in controlling matting and tangling in longhaired cats, and washing with medicated shampoos may be required to treat some skin conditions. Several shampoos are available specifically for cats.

Use a large bucket or a small tub so your cat is quite confined with a non-slip mat on the bottom.

Tire him or her out first with some chasing games and clip the nails for safety (preferably the day before) as well as brush the coat to remove any knots. Half fill the tub with lukewarm water beforehand and have your shampoo, towels and treats ready.

Hold her firmly against you for support as you lower her back feet gently into the water - you may need to have one hand gently scruff her if she is struggling or even have her wrapped in a towel with the back legs out initially. Some cats might like to rest the front feet on the side of the tub as you wet the back. Talk gently to her and offer some extra tasty treats like BBQ chicken to distract her. It is useful to have someone else help you do this while you gently massage the shampoo in and rinse it off. Use a facecloth to wash the face.

Wrap your cat in a towel after rinsing and gently massage dry. Keep offering treats as you go. Of course, if it’s a real struggle then it is not worth distressing your cat. There are dry shampoos or pet wipes, or if the coat is seriously matted your vet can remove these while your cat is sedated.

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