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Getting Catty: Potty Training You Kitty


We are all well aware that newborns need to be potty trained, and that means newborn baby animals too. In fact, training a new puppy is often at the top of the “to do” list.

Yet, when it comes to pets, it seems the ones that need the least “attention” are kittens and cats. And, for many using the litter box seems almost intrinsic.

Well, according to experts, it almost is. Similar to your dog’s desire to bury bones, cats are said to be genetically engineered to seek out a place to eliminate.

Professionals point out that cats automatically venture toward litter boxes because they offer a sandy substrate for covering their waste, a practice that is not only common but essentially important in the wild, helping ward off predators.

Note, a cat’s urine tends to be extremely strong and can actually attract hunter, the reason cited for cats urinating far away from their place of rest and hunt and they do their best to cover it up when finished.

The most effective litter boxes have to offer a comfortable amount of space for the cat. So, if you cat is experiencing litter box accuracy problems, you may consider replacing it for something more spacious and appropriate. Take note, that most litter boxes are plastic, and tend to absorb odors and that cats are notoriously sensitive to changes in environment, so when changing it pick a model that looks and “smells” as close to the old one as possible.



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