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Hottest Dog Costumes of 2014

Is your doxie tired of going as a hot dog year after year? Is your pug sick of being a pumpkin? Maybe it’s time for a new look!

Lauren Darr, founder of the International Pet Fashion Association, says that while the classics are "always in” there are a LOT of new looks for every dog – from funny to couture, and everything in between.

Tutus are big this year because they are easy to put and don’t seem to bother most dogs. They are perfect for a quick costume with a lot of pizzazz that you can even make yourself. (Costume pictured is $55 on Etsy.com)

Homemade dog costumes are growing in popularity every year. There seems to be an unspoken challenge to come up with the most unique or crazy costume and then get your dog to wear it. Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog has the standing trophy.

Movies & Superheros
If it was a blockbuster movie, then they most likely made dog costumes for it. This year, all the MARVEL® comics are big, as well as STAR WARS®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and of course, Disney®. Superheroes of any kind are always big (costume pictured Is $24.99 at Party City) 

Your dog is the love of your life, why not wear matching costumes? This is a big trend too – with people dressing as Ketchup to their dog’s hamburger, or in the case of the famous Just Jesse The Jack, Snow White and her Prince. (image credit: Just Jesse the Jack)

This year the "new” thing is LED costumes. Petsmart® seems to have the largest selection of LED costumes, collars, leashes, and toys

Another trend that keeps getting bigger each year are the Rider costumes.  The trend started a few years ago with just a couple choices – a jockey, the headless horsemen – now, there are many, many choices for this fun costume that is sure to get a laugh. (costume pictured is $19.99 on Amazon.com)

Have a couture dog? You are in luck! Designer costume are en vogue for those willing to spend the dough. Photo credit: Anthony Rubio and Strikingpaws.com





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