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13 Dogs Stuffed In BabyBjorn Who Hate Their Lives


When I first found out that dogs fit in Baby Björn, my heart exploded. And my life hasn’t been the same since.

Of course, the dogs subjected to this loss of dignity have their own opinions. Here are 13 dogs in baby carriers that wish this wasn’t a thing. But it is. It so is.

1. “Please, just have a baby already and put me out of my misery.

via Dogster

via Dogster


2. “Halp.”

via Urban Pug

via Urban Pug


3. “I thought my life would be one of luxury. I was wrong.”


4. “Who is responsible for this.”


5. “Sometimes, I want to run away. Now is one of those times.”


6. “My life is ruined. How will I face the fellas at the dog park?”

via Dogster

via Dogster




8. “PLEASE. I beg you. Make it stop!”

via Rabit Stew

via Rabit Stew


9. “Is this for that time I threw up in front of your friends? I said I was sorry.”

via galleryhip

via galleryhip


10. “I didn’t think this day would come. But it’s here now. I’m a tiny hooman.”


11. “I think it’s time we see other people.”


12. “Really? You couldn’t think of a more creative way to embarrass me?”

via Twitter



13. “This is worse than that time you took away my nuggets.”

via mec.ca

via mec.ca




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