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14 Cats Who Are Randomly Friends With Lizards

Because interspecies friendships know no bounds!

1. When you color-coordinate, it's hard NOT to pose for photos together.


Reddit: missinthemission


2. Just because you're different doesn't mean you can't smooch!


Reddit: ohheyitsnikki


3. A heat lamp AND a box? It's like kitty heaven!


Reddit: Squidward9


4. Oh, Lizard. You're much more cuddly than people give you credit for.


Reddit: TomMarvoloRiddler


5. This scaly fellow can't help but whisper sweet nothings to his feline companion.


Reddit: blorgle


6. Basking in the sun is something BOTH species can agree on.


Reddit: NoelleZombie


7. "Cat, will you tell me what it's like to have fur?"


Reddit: Clovis69


8. If there's one thing these two can agree on, it's that birds are fascinating.



9. Feeling cold-blooded? Snuggle a cat belly!




10. "Will you work on my lower back, Lizard?"



11. These partners in crime will catch ALL of your bugs.


Reddit: katieeemeow


12. A quick sniff between friends.



13. A cat head makes the perfect outlook perch.



14. Nobody chills harder than felines and reptiles.




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