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12 Cats That Are Obsessed With Shoes

These felines have a thing for your footwear.

1. "I suggest you go with the beige pumps."


2. "Now I look more fierce than ever!"


3. "You'll never tie your shoes again. Never!"


4. "Mind if I borrow these, human?"


5. "This boot fits just right."


6. Looks like you'll have to wear another pair today.


7. "Are we taking a walk or what?"


8. "Sorry, not done with my nap yet."



9. "So many shoes, so little time for me to sit on all of them."


10. Sandals make for the perfect snooze spot.


11. "It's like my stuffed animal. But it's your stinky shoe."


12. "I'm ready when you are."




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