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Unique, Exotic Names for Pets


Friendship, companionship, work and diversion are just a few of the things your pets give you every day. Return the favor by giving them more than just an extra cupful of food; give them a unique name that matches their personality. There are enough Fidos and Felixes running around, so spice it up a bit with a cool-sounding name.

Even if your pet is a common house cat or a dog with muddled bloodlines, he still easily pulls off an exotic name if you choose the right one. Here are some creative names for pets that turn heads when you call them across the park.


Your pet doesn't have to be Russian to pull this name off; it helps if your pet if female though. This name screams sophistication and refinement even if your pet doesn't. This name also gives you the opportunity to look smart by saying you read War and Peace and named your pet after one of the main characters. How many names give you that?


Give your male pet some Latin flavor with this exotic name. Though a common name in Latin American countries, it is usually limited to human use. Be the first to bring it to the pet realm by naming your pet this simple, yet unique moniker.


Give your pet one of the strongest names in the book by going back to one of the first books and plucking this name from Homer's epic. Achilles was a legendary warrior and one of the principle figures in the Battle of Troy. Regardless of your pet's demeanor, this name is sure to stand out considerably.


If you're looking for something more exotic than planet earth offers, why not get one from a galaxy far, far away? The large, growling character from the Star Wars movies has a one-of-a-kind name that is out of this world. If you have a shaggy pet, this name is a perfect fit.

All too often, people go the safe route when naming their pets. Though they feel like family members, your pets aren't kids; therefore, giving them a unique name doesn't make middle school tough on them. Live a little, and try using one of these exotic names for pets the next time you get a new little (or big) friend.




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