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How to Clean Your Cat's Ears


Regular grooming is a requirement for all cats and routine cleaning of your cat's ears is recommended as part of this grooming protocol. Regular cleaning will help keep your pet's ears healthy, clean and free of disease.

Reasons to Clean Your Cat's Ears Regularly

Cats, just like people, build up debris in their ear canals.

If this debris is not cleaned periodically, it can start to cause irritation for your cat. 

Cleaning your cat's ears on a regular basis also gives you the opportunity to examine the ears and make certain they are healthy. Parasites, particularly ear mites, are a common problem in cats. Some cats are prone to infections or allergies that can cause sore ears. Diagnosing and treating these problems early on results in less pain for your cat, less expense for you, and a greater chance of successful management.

How to Clean Your Cat's Ears

There are numerous ear cleansing solutions that can be used to clean your cat's ears. You will find such products at any pet store. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian to recommend an appropriate cleanser for your pet.

Start the cleaning process by filling your cat's ear canal with the cleansing solution. Massage the outside of the ear canal gently to break up any debris within the canal. Use a cotton ball and your finger to swab the inside of your pet's ear to remove the excess cleansing solution and debris from the ear.

Repeat this process until your pet's ear is clean. Then proceed to the opposite ear.

If your cat resents the process of cleaning the ears, wrapping him in a towel can help make the procedure go more smoothly. Being enveloped in the towel will comfort your cat as well. Be sure to provide ample treats or other rewards to make ear cleaning a positive experience.

Clean your pet's ears as often as necessary to keep them free of debris and wax. Some pets may need to have their ears cleaned as often as once or twice a week.

Examine Your Cat's Ears While Cleaning

Cats can suffer from a number of different diseases and conditions that affect the ears. Ear mites are the number one cause of ear disease in cats. Bacterial and yeast infections are not as common but can occur. Allergies can cause inflammation in the ear canal (otitis). Foreign objects, such as plant awns, can find their way into the ears. Tumors and polyps can occur inside of the ears also.

While you are cleaning your cat's ears, take a moment to look closely at them. Healthy ears should have little to no discharge, should not appear reddened or inflamed, and should not have an unpleasant odor. These signs may an indication of infection or other disease and should be checked by your veterinarian if present.

Also check your pet's ears for lumps and bumps that are not part of the natural contours of the ears. Look for foreign bodies and other abnormalities as well.

Spotting the signs of ear disease early, before the disease has become severe, can make management of the disease much simpler and save your pet from needless pain and discomfort.



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