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Keeping Your Black Cat Safe At Halloween

Black Cat

Halloween is such a great time of year! It heralds the beginning of the holiday season we all enjoy, and brings with it cooler temperatures and festive attitudes. One thing that owners of black cats have to watch out for, however, are some people who would do their lovely pets harm. Yes, there are some folks out there who take pleasure in stealing and harming our mysterious and delightful black cats, but there are some steps you can take to keep your black cat safe at Halloween.

Keep Your Black Cat Safe Inside

Yes, I know this is rather obvious, but it is still the most important step you can take. This is, of course, easier said than done for those who have cats who are accustomed to venturing outside from time to time. However, taking extra precautions to prevent your little escape artist from getting outside is worth it this time of the year.

This presents a great opportunity to introduce a new cat tree and house. Having a new area to explore during this dangerous time of year for your black cat will help to keep her distracted. Rub a little catnip in strategic places every day, and you may just have yourself an easier time at keeping her inside than you initially thought.

Be Alert in Your Neighborhood

You may know other black cat owners around the neighborhood, but they may not have much success as you at keeping their black cat inside. If you see one around your neighborhood, see if you can lure it close enough to contain and look at her tags so you can contact her owner. Better you getting a hold of a loose cat than someone with less than benevolent intentions.

You may want to also keep a keen eye out for any strangers or odd behaviors from others in your neighborhood, both at day and night. If you see someone or a group of people who appear to be chasing cats or trying to wrangle one up in your neighborhood, contact the authorities right away. While black cats are often the primary target of some hooligans this time of the year, they may “settle” for any cat. Your attention to the safety of all cats in your neighborhood may help keep them safe and their owners very happy.

While the issue of black cats being in danger during Halloween season is sometimes debated, what cannot be disputed is that black cats have gone missing or found to be injured or killed during the month of October in some areas. The best way to combat this ever happening is to prevent the opportunity for others to take advantage of a situation. Be smart, be aware and be protective of your beautiful black cats!



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