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Pit Bull Mix Puppies All Adopted After Cuddle-Puddle Pic Goes Viral




If there's one thing cuter than one floppy-eared puppy peacefully dozing as only a sweet little puppy can, it's a pile of them all snuggled together in a cuddle-puddle of oversize paws and tuckered-out tails.

Earlier this week, these 3-month-old bull mix siblings were just five of the many potential pets hoping to be adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee.

Their wait was cut short, however, within hours of this photo of the perfectly positioned pups napping together was posted online.

"Our staff accountant was walking through Dog Town when she snapped this hilarious and oh-so-perfect puppy pile picture," the society wrote on Facebook. "We just can't stop laughing and knew we had to share!"

Not surprisingly (I mean, look at them), the post hit social media like an aww-bomb and offers came pouring in from interested animal lovers. That same day, three of the pups found new homes; the next day, the remaining two did as well. But, as the shelter notes, they'd have been more than willing to give them all the time they needed:

"Every animal in our adoption program has as long as it takes to find a loving home; we never euthanize for reasons of space or time!" writes the shelter.

Sadly, not all shelters are so gracious — and, all too often, it's pit bulls and pit bull mixes who pay the price due to overcrowding. According to the HSUS, in some shelters the breed accounts for as much as 70 percent of dogs awaiting adoption, but given unfair stereotypes about their temperament, they're often among the first to be put down.



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