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Why Cats Do Some Crazy Things


Cats are very unique and curious creatures. Some may even say that they are borderline sadistic, but that is not only a matter of opinion, but also of perspective. There are many cat behaviors that leave us all scratching our heads and wondering why they do the crazy things they do. Here are just a few of the things that can bring wonderment, confusion and (hopefully) some laughter.

Here are some reasons why cats act crazy:

Being Attracted to the One Cat Hater in the Room
Cats are notorious for this crazy behavior. You can have a room full of people, and, yet, your cat is automatically drawn to the one, single person there who dislikes cats. Your cat will go so far as to jump into his lap and follow him around the whole house like a furry stalker. Why? The most common theory about why this happens is related to aggression. Cat lovers are always up in a cat’s face, reaching out to them and trying to touch them. As we all know, cats don’t always dig that kind of behavior. Someone who isn’t as “into” cats as others are as aloof as the cat, so your cat will be drawn to someone who isn’t showing aggression to them.

Sudden Bursts of Manic Behavior
Does your cat randomly take off and do laps around your house or jet across the room for no apparent reason – and at any hour of the day or night? Many say that it’s just your cat trying to exercise, but that’s not always the case. If you happen to have more than one cat, this behavior is often a cue given from one cat (the runner) to another to chase him. Why? It is exercise, but they like the hunt aspect of it, since hunting is in their nature. If you have just one cat, he’s probably trying to get you to play with him, so consider bringing in another cat as company and playmate for him.

All Your Computers are Mine
Why do cats constantly insist on taking over your laptop? Well, the answer is really simple, and, no, it’s not to annoy you or keep you from updating your Facebook status for the fifth time that day. It’s warm. That’s really it. Cats like to cozy up in and on warm places, and a laptop is always a perfect spot to enjoy for them. That’s also why cats love to curl up on your lap and your chest, if you’re lying down.



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