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These People Thought They Didn't Have A Cat ... They Were Wrong

Some people don't have cats ... and cats are a little confused as to why. No harm done, though. The cats are happy to help you correct the situation — by showing up unannounced in their "new home." You didn't have a cat before? Well, NOW YOU DO!

Here's what some Reddit users had to say about their surprise cats.

When becoming your new pet, some cats might make it very clear that they have arrived ...

"This is not my cat." 




... and others will just kind of show up. Surprise!

"Got home from work and fell asleep. Woke up with this guy on my lap. I don't have a cat." 




Upon arrival, your new cat will want to discuss what you're going to need to sustain him ...

"Walked into my kitchen to find this. As a side note, we don't have a cat..."




... although some will just figure it out by themselves. Got any cat nip up here?

"Left the apartment door open for five minutes and came back to this. Not my cat." 




Your new cat may have a bone to pick with you about the decorations of this place.

"My dad just sent me this picture from our bathroom. We don't have a cat."




While others are insisting that you get rid of the previous tenants. Move over, Mr. Penguin, Cat is moving in!

"Didn't spot him at first so got a slight shock. Also, that is not my cat." 




Some cats have arrived specifically to protect you. Hold on, human, the cat will determine when it's safe.

"Looked down aaaaaaaand I don't have a cat."




Some cats aren't going to wait for an invitation. If you didn't want them to eat it, you shouldn't have it in the first place. Finders keepers.

"Went to feed my cat and this is what I found... This is not my cat." 




If you're not open to your new pet, then he might just hitchhike until he finds someone who appreciates him. Rude.

"I don't have a cat. Luckily, my neighborhood comes with curbside cat service." 




Some cats will just hide in your car and sneak out when they find somewhere more deserving of their love ...

"Bringing in groceries.. See this in my car.. I don't have a cat." 




... and others don't care what you think. They will be staying, no matter what.

"I heard a faint meow from the other room... This is not my cat, and I'm on the second floor"




You have a new cat now, and you're going to have to learn to share things. Like the sink ... well, all of the sinks.

"Found this guy in the sink, I don't have a cat." 




Your new cat may keep his distance at first until he learns what you're all about ...

"I don't have a cat." 




... but ultimately he knows that you needed a cat, and he's happy to help. Despite your surprise, he knows you love him.

"Arrived home to find this on my bed, we don't have a cat...."




Have you ever found a brand new cat in your house?



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