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Safe Gerbil Travel


Take these simple steps to keep your gerbil happy while on the road.

Taking It With You
Gerbils are easy creatures to travel with. If the cage is small enough, you can carry your pet gerbil in its regular house, or use a plastic carrier or smaller tank instead. Just be sure to provide all the necessary toys and accessories.

Safety Check List:

  • Keep your gerbil hydrated. Though you will want to remove the water bottle from the cage when you travel, provide a carrot or an apple so that it gets its necessary water intake. Or during rest stops on the trip, reconnect the bottle so it can drink.
  • Keep the cage clean. Remove wet or soiled bedding just as you would if you were at home. When traveling, bring along extra bedding, water and food.
  • Put cage in a safe spot. Set the cage on the floor or secure it on the seat so that the cage will not fall during sharp turns or sudden stops.
  • Remove running wheel. Could cause injury if the gerbil is running while the car stops or changes direction. 
  • Do not handle your gerbil’s tail. If moving your gerbil into a different cage, do not hold it by its tail. The gerbil’s tail can break off if handled too roughly.
  • Do not leave your gerbil in the car. Extreme cold or heat is not good for your gerbil. If leaving the car for an extended amount of time, take the gerbil with you.

Leaving It At Home
If you decide to travel without your gerbil, make sure your gerbil is taken care of while you are gone. The gerbil will survive on its own for one to three days. Just be sure to provide it with extra food and water.

When traveling for more than three days, you will want to find a gerbil sitter. If the pet sitter is unfamiliar with gerbil care, ask him or her to not take the gerbil out of the cage and to avoid touching its tail. You also want to provide the pet sitter with your daily maintenance schedule so your gerbil will not be disturbed. 



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