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Man Comes To Realize His Puppies Aren't Puppies After All

A farmer in China bought two "good-looking pups" from a man who said they'd make good watch dogs.

For two years he raised the little black puppies, grooming their coarse hair and feeding them ample quantities of food. Their appetites were huge and getting larger by the day ….

Facebook/Karla Redditte NBC12

One weird thing about the dogs was how they had an appetite for chicken ... that is, live chicken .

.. that is catching and eating live chickens.

One day, the farmer went to a local wildlife protection exhibition. While perusing the displays, he was shocked when he saw some familiar faces.

Facebook/Xinhua News Agency

The exhibition's Asian black bears, a class two protected species in China, looked quite a lot like his own loyal chicken-maiming pups. The resemblance was uncanny ….

He contacted the local authorities who verified that, indeed, the pet dogs are actually Asian black bears.

Facebook/Xinhua News Agency

The sweet — if slightly perplexed — man was careful to ensure that the now-domesticated bears would go to a wildlife rehabilitation center together.

Facebook/Xinhua News Agency 

A happy ending for everyone — except the perplexed farmer, who is still in the market for a couple of pet dogs. 


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