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25-year-old cat makes mystery journey from Australia to Northern Ireland

Ozzie the cat apparently traveled from Australia to Northern Ireland.Photo by: Cat Protection

A 25-year-old cat apparently made an incredible 12,000 mile journey from Australia to Northern Ireland.

An animal welfare organization is looking for the owners of the ginger-colored cat, who was found by Cat Protection in County Armagh last week.

 The Belfast Telegraph was taken to a veterinarian, who discovered that the feline had been fitted with a microchip in Australia.

According to the data, the cat’s name is Tigger and was born in 1989. The chip also showed that he had been registered as a stray in London. 

The workers, who have renamed the cat Ozzie, are hoping to find the original owner.

“Ozzie has a microchip which shows he came from Australia but owners never registered their details,” said a post on the Armagh Cats Protection Facebook page.

“He turned up as a stray at a London vet clinic in 2004. Now he is with us after he was found in Laurelvale!!”


“We are desperate to unravel the rest of this cat's past and hopefully reunite him with his owners,” Gillian McMullen, Cat Protection coordinator, told the Belfast Telegraph.

"We have been in touch with the Australian Animal Register and have our fingers and paws crossed on word from them on this cat."



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