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Cat Who Weighed 41 Pounds Makes Amazing Transformation

Many times when we see pleasantly chubby cats and dogs we think, eh, no big deal. Some animals, however, just aren't meant to be that big.

A cat named Skinny was adopted by a member of the Dallas-based veterinaryclinic, Heal Veterinary. Dr. Brittney Barton adopted Skinny in 2012 — when she first brought him home, he weighed a whopping 42 pounds.


While that's definitely a LOT of weight for a cat, with a little love (and free reign of the veterinary clinic), Skinny was able to lose a little weight — about 21 pounds to be exact.


Indeed, Skinny's transformation is pretty amazing. The kitty is practically unrecognizable, and he could definitely win any "before and after contest" he fancies to enter.

Skinny spends weekdays with Dr. Barton roaming around the clinic and weekends at home with his family. He's been with them for about two years and definitely seems to have made a ton of progress. Heal Veterinary Clinic calls Skinny the "resident phat cat," and he seems pretty happy with his position.


Skinny now has his own Facebook page, I am Skinny the Cat, where he (or his family) posts updates on his new look and lifestyle.

Of course, Skinny still loves to eat …


But he's overall a much happier, healthier cat now, despite the snacks. You're an inspiration to us all, Skinny!





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