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The 15 Most Hilarious Dog And Celebrity Doppelgangers

via thepoke

C’mon. We had to do it at some point. There are just too many delightful pictures flooding the Internet. Too many memes. Too many things that we would never see without the power of technology.

Here are 15 of the most on-the-spot! (Side benefit: Hilarity galore). 

1. Battle of the Blondes


Taylor, we hate to say it but we think you lose this one.

2. Baldies Bulldogs

via Buzzfeed

“Yippe-kay-yay mutherpuppers!”

3. Blue-Eyed Bosses


We thought, “No one does a squint like a Baldwin.” Then we saw this pup.

4. All About Dat ‘Tude


So sway.

5. #Playerz


They’re begging for an entourage.

6. Luscious…Manes

via thepoke

That’s all we have to say about these two.

7. Silver Foxes

via clickedcited

Ok, fox isn’t accurate in this case but…you get the idea. 

8. Rockstarz


These two sure know how to use their tongues…

9. Tough Guys


We wouldn’t mess with either of these puppers!

10. Hellhounds


(In the kitchen that is).

11. Dreadlocked Dames


So 80s…and early 90s. And part of the 00s.

12. Ravishing Redheads


Talk about bringing it!

13. Comb-over Combo

via viralpawz

Sigh. Gentlemen, you’re just calling more attention to it.

14. Squinting Squinkies

via worldwideinterweb


15. Vladimir Putin

via carbonatedtv

This needs no descriptor.



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