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How to Care for a Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey

Caring for a baby monkey is a large undertaking because the monkey needs plenty of space, food, water and stimulation to grow into a healthy adult. Monkeys are a challenge in a home setting because they can climb walls, furniture and objects and they often have to be trained to live in a human setting.

The owner will need to spend several hours a day with the baby monkey in order to develop a lasting and trusting relationship. Once the relationship is established the monkey will be willing to communicate and socialize with the owner and the rest of the family.


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      Examine your home before you bring the monkey into it. Put away any items that could hurt the baby monkey. Apply baby-proof locks to doors, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and anything else the baby monkey might get into. Place protective covers over all electrical outlets. The monkey will need to spend time outside of the cage in your home so it can socialize and interact with others.

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      Prepare a large cage for your monkey's home. The cage should be as large as you can find. A large cage that is 7 foot by 7 foot by 4 foot is recommended by a pet monkey info website, which states that the larger the cage the better for the monkey. The cage should have enrichment toys, such as toddler toys, toys to hide food in and puzzle toys; places for the monkey to sleep and hide; and large dishes to put the monkey's food and water in.

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      Feed your baby monkey baby formula when you bring it home. Place human baby formula in a bottle and mix it according to the directions on the package. Feed your baby monkey every two to four hours when you first get it and the monkey should get bottle fed until 12 months of age. Give the baby monkey a mix of monkey chow and formula after it reaches 6 months of age and gradually add fruits into its diet as well.

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      Place diapers on your monkey to prevent the monkey from soiling your home when it is out of the cage. Cut a hole in the back of the diaper for the monkey's tail with the pair of scissors. Change the baby monkey's diaper every two to three hours.

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      Set up a relationship with an exotic-animal veterinarian so your monkey can get regular care. Schedule regular checkups with the veterinarian so your monkey can continue to be healthy. Baby monkeys are like baby humans in that they need regular doctor visits.


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