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 Find out what is it about puppies and kittens that makes the grumpiest of adults "ooh" and "aww" at the sight of them! As if you didn't already know...


Sometimes, it takes just one look to fall in love with a puppy or a kitten. Heck, fall in love with both! They're too cute not to coo over.

Check out these nine reasons why everybody goes crazy over puppies and kittens.

1. They are adorable piled up for daily afternoon naps!

Newborn -puppy -pilePhoto Source: Chuckysmith via Flickr

2. There's an awesome look of sheer wonder in their eyes.

Wide -eyed -look -of -WONDERPhoto Source: Vassilis via Flickr

3. They try so hard to focus, but sometimes a nap is needed.

Newborn -cat -tonguePhoto Source: Alex Bartok via Flickr

4. When people hold puppies or kittens, the mother stays nearby. (Can you see her?)

Mommy -in -the -backgroundPhoto Source: Canoodle Pets via Flickr

5. They melt your heart snuggle after snuggle.

Cuddling -with -mommyPhoto Source: Abdillah Wicaksono via Flickr

6. And the younguns are always so cute, dressed up for every photo shoot...

Newborn -puppy -pilePhoto Source: Chuckysmith via Flickr

7. ...especially when they're dwarfed by the props involved...

In -a -basketPhoto Source: Wicker Paradise via Flickr

8. ...or the little ones find their way into some tight spaces!

13188873473_cf 5b 65dd 46_kPhoto Source: Simson Petrol via Flickr

9. But the best part may be their fluffy, sweet-smelling fur, and how nice it is to hold them close.

In -a -basket -2Photo Source: Wicker Paradise via Flickr

We don't know anyone who doesn't love adorable puppies and kittens. Do you have photos of your own little ones? 



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