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Advantages of In-Home Pet Sitting Over Boarding


When you’re headed out of town for vacation or business, you have a lot of options for what to do with your pet while you are away, such as taking your animal(s) with you on your journey, “camping out” at doggie daycare, or boarding at a veterinary office. One option you should seriously consider is in-home pet sitting – that is, having a pet-sitter come to your house to take care of your animal.

Here are just some of the many advantages to in-home pet sitting:

A Familiar Place
Your animal feels most comfortable in your home because it is his home, too. You know how happy it makes you to sleep in your own bed and shower in your own bathroom? The same is true for your pet. He can sleep in his own bed, drink from his own bowl, and play with his own toys. Familiar smells and noises are comforting to animals, just as they are to humans. This is especially important if your pet gets anxious in new places. Anxiety in animals can affect their appetites, digestion, and overall health. Staying home will help your pet to be happier and healthier.

No Riding in the Car
Some dogs like to go for a car ride, but many animals experience anxiety or motion sickness when traveling. Plus, you do not have to worry about trying to drop the dog off at the kennel in addition to all the others things you need to do to leave town.

Trusted Faces
Many house pets become nervous around other animals. Doggie daycare is fun for some dogs, but if your dog is older or more reserved, being confronted with an energetic puppy can be annoying. Kennels can often be load places, too, and exposure to other animals means your pet risks catching parasites or diseases like bordetella (which is called “kennel cough” for a reason). In-home pet sitting will ensure your pet only encounters your other fur-babies.

One-on-One Attention
By choosing an in-home pet sitter, you can be sure that he or she will be 100% focused on your pet. Unlike at kennel facilities, they will not be trying to greet customers or answer the phone. This means they will be able to note any physical behavioral changes in your pet, keeping them extra safe. It also means your animal will not have to fight for attention and can wallow in the extra affection.

Lights Are On
An in-home pet sitter will be coming in and out of your home one or multiple times per day. This means that he or she will turn on lights and leave the car in your driveway, giving the impression that someone is home. This has the advantage of deterring potential criminals and keeping your house or apartment safe.

A trusted pet sitter will ensure that your little darling is taken care of. Whether you’re relaxing or working on your trip, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with in-home pet sitting.



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