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11 Pups Whose Invitations To The Costume Party Got Lost In The Mail


They might not have got the invitation, but boy oh boy were they excited about the masquerade ball. Too bad they never got the chance to RSVP.

Check out these 11 pups who refuse to let their costumes go to waste.

1. “I’m dressed as an Owl because I’m a wise old motherpupper.”

Costumepalooza - BranstonandTwiglet

Source: BranstonandTwiglet


2. “The pout-pout fish’s life was turned around after a smooch from a lady.

Costumepalooza - BittDogOfLove

Source: BittDogOfLove


3. “Pandas are fluffy, cuddly and cute… like me.”

Costumepalooza - MaruHusky

Source: MaruHusky


4. “Am I too fab-uuuu-lous?”

Costumepalooza - Baileys_Chihuahua_Antics

Source: Baileys_Chihuahua_Antics


5. Rock n’ Roll Piggy

Costumepalooza - Michcant

Source: Michcant


6. “I’m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean looking for trouble.”

Costumepalooza - Homerpugalicious

Source: Homerpugalicious


7. “In real life I’m actually terrified of water.”

Costumepalooza - BrunoTheMiniDachshund

Source: BrunoTheMiniDachshund


8. “I think therefore I ham.”

Costumepalooza - OliverTheGoldenDoodle

Source: @OliverTheGoldenDoodle


9. “The human sometimes says I’m a cuddly bear. I say she’s unbearable at times.”

Costumepalooza - MyAwkwardDog

Source: MyAwkwardDog


10. “If I sit here long enough, Chris Pratt will come, yes?”

Costumepalooza - agirlandheraussie

Source: agirlandheraussie


11. “You can’t deny these soulful brown eyes – and I could eat as much grass as I want!”

Costumepalooza - PawsAndPaint

Source: PawsAndPaint




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