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The Arabian horse. The Arabian breed of horses

The Arabian horse

he Arabian horse. The Arabian breed of horses also is called the Arabian bloodstock. Breed of horses. Which has been deduced on Arabian peninsula in 4-6 century of our era. The Arabian horse belongs to riding horses. Their short characteristic: the horse of the small size, medium height at stallions of 154 sm, at mares 151 see

The Arabian horse has a good, elastic, dense structure of a body. Charming with small bend nose bridges a head, a long neck, direct croup.

Usually gray with set of shades, it is possible to meet color of the Arabian breed of horses bay and рижего colors a horse, meet black окрас less often.

The Arabian horse is a horse a long-liver. She is in the lead in a life longitude in comparison with other breeds of horses of house type. Average life expectancy makes 30 years. And mares can give birth to extreme old age, it is very important because cultivations of horses it is one of the hardest problems in animal industries. The Arabian horse has advantages in cultivation in comparison with other breeds of horses.

Among different families of the Arabian horse the most popular it —ateshi, kadishi and the best kohlani.
The Arabian horse has the admirers worldwide. She is very hardy. Has good health and as we haven’ted earlier differs longevity.

The Arabian horse breed history:

Breed the Arabian horse has been based and developed on Arabian peninsula. She has been deduced by bedouins by crossing various Asian breeds of horses which they won on wars.

The Arabian horse photo:

Here one photo of the Arabian horse is presented to look more photo of the Arabian horse pass under this link — the ARABIAN HORSE  PHOTO.

Arabian horse photo

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