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Tips on Keeping a Pig as a Pet

Pig As a Pet

Unlike the common assumption that pigs are dirty, they are actually quite clean animals. They are also very intelligent, this makes them wonderful pets. They can be trained to use a litter box, or go outside. Pigs are quite friendly and love being spoken to, stroked, and brushed. If properly cared for, your pet pig can bring you joy?

for many years.


The most important thing with a pet pig is training. Establishing yourself as a leader is highly important. Although pigs love being pet and brushed, it is essential that they do not become spoiled. Make sure your pig understands where to use the bathroom. Teaching your pig basic commands will make ownership more rewarding. Remember pigs are sensitive, and never hit them for punishment.


Straw and wood shavings make good bedding. Provide a box or crate filled with bedding. Pigs like to burrow and roll around in their bedding, so plan on some falling out. In the winter, more bedding is necessary for warmth if you live in a northerly climate zone.


Although quite happy with table scraps, a pig needs balanced feeding to be healthy. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh hay should be provided, as well as a pelleted feed. Avoid feeds designed for market pigs, as these lack vital nutrients. Purchase feed designed for pet pig use. Never feed dog or cat food.


A pig, like most other pets, needs exercise. A large well-fenced yard is a great choice. Remember swine like to root in the ground and can turn up a lot of dirt in a short time. A gravel or concrete floor is a good choice to protect your yard from rooting. Pets can also be taught to walk on a leash for exercise.


Pigs can not naturally sweat, so they have a hard time keeping cool. Replace that normal mud puddle with a kiddie pool filled with clean water. Your pig will roll around in the water on a hot summer days to keep himself cool. This will also help keep the mess to a minimum. Make sure the area around the pool is gravel or cement, so it does not form a mud puddle.


There are many different breeds of pigs. Smaller breeds, however, seem to be a better choice for pets. Pot-bellied pigs are perfect for most homes. When they are full grown, they are about the size of a medium dog. This makes them good for most households. Purchase a young pig from a reliable breeder for best results.

While keeping a pig as a pet may seem a bit odd, it is becoming more commonplace. Many people own pets for showing or just to have as a companion. Because they are so smart, there are many things that you can teach your pig. They learn quickly and love to be rewarded with treats and love.



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