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3 Tips To Getting Your Dog Ready For Baby

Dog for Baby

Most of us think of our dogs as our first children. They are the first creatures we live with that depend on us much the way we envision that our children will someday. They look to us to train them, feed them, play with them, and socialize with them.

When the time arrives for our furry pets to make room for a real life baby, it is often difficult to help them accept this new human into their lives.

A lot of dogs feel left out and abandoned when we need to pay attention to the creature in our homes. There are a few ways to make sure that your pup doesn’t feel too left out before and after you bring home your brand new bundle of joy:

1. Make sure that your dog is child-ready.

Ask your friends and relatives with children to help socialize your pup to kids of all ages. All dogs should be socialized from puppyhood, but it is a good idea to refresh his kid skills. Children behave very differently than adults; they are louder, run around more, and create a totally different atmosphere in a home. Some dog breeds are better with children than others. This is something that should be considered before you adopt a dog if you are planning on expanding your family one day.

2. Don’t invade your dog’s space.

As much as you have your favorite place to relax at the end of the day, so does your dog. When you are rearranging your home to make room for the new baby, do your best to not invade your dog’s favorite space – for example, don’t move his dog pillow to make room for a cradle. You wouldn’t want him to feel as though you are giving what he considers the best spot in the house to someone else.

3. Stick to your dog’s routine.

Having a new baby in the home is sure to mess up the routine for everyone. While you understand why, your dog may not. No matter what, he will still expect his dinner at 5 p.m. and his walk at 7 p.m. Remember that dogs who do not get their regular exercise tend to become destructive and disobedient. Besides, that daily walk may turn out to be a nice break for both you and your pup from your now chaotic home. If the weather is nice enough, taking baby along is a great way for everyone to get some fresh air together.



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