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Helping Kids and Dogs Interact Safely

Kids and Dogs

Kids are naturally enthusiastic. It's up to all of us to teach them - and adults, too! - how to properly treat and approach dogs. Our responsibility as pet owners include:

  • Socializing our pets. This is generally easier to do with younger pets; by exposing them to other animals and people - under carefully controlled conditions - your pet will learn acceptable behavior.


  • Keeping our pets under control. Keep your dog on a leash and under control. Even in "off-leash" areas, your dog should come when you call him.


  • Educating others on the proper way to handle pets. By collectively doing our parts in helping others to understand pets, we all benefit.


DO's and DON'Ts When Introducing Kids and Dogs:


  • Ask the owner for permission to pet the dog. Even if the dog looks friendly, ask first!


  • Approach the dog slowly and gently, and allow him to sniff your hand before you pet him under the chin.


  • Be careful around injured dogs. Injured dogs may bite out of fear or pain. Ask an adult for help.


  • Stand still and be calm if a dog approaches you.


  • Stay away from stray dogs.



  • Don't run towards a dog or throw your arms around it. Remember to approach slowly and always ask the owner for permission to see the dog.


  • Don't tease a dog or throw things at it.


  • Don't try to take food or toys away, or bother the dog when he's eating. Be careful when he's sleeping, too; he may be startled if he is woken up suddenly.


  • Don't pet a dog by reaching through a car window, a kennel, or a fence. Likewise, don't pet dogs in the back of a truck. Many dogs are nervous or protective and may bite.


  • Don't assume that every dog is friendly just because it's tail is wagging. Ask the owner if it's okay to pet the dog.



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