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Crime-busting parrot fights burglars

A crime-fighting parrot saved his owner from a house robbery by frightening off the intruders with his all-mighty squawk.

Crime-busting parrot fights burglars

Kuzya the parrot is the pet of Russian interpreter Gennadi Kurkul, who lives in the Isle of Dogs, London, and said that he’s delighted with his crime-busting pal.

‘It must have been about 4am when we heard Kuzya let out a massive scream.

  The noise he made must have terrified the burglars because they ran straight out of the house.  You could hear it all over the Docklands’, Mr Kurkul told local newspaper The Docklands.

Despite the thieves nicking off with his wallet by reaching through a window, when they managed to open the door and enter the house, Kuzya made sure to scare them off before they could take anything else.

His owner continued: ‘He’s a fantastic bird.  He follows me all round the house like a dog. 

‘I don’t keep him in a cage, he just finds a spot at night where he likes to sleep and settles down there – sometimes under the stairs.

The Lorrie parrot’s name translates as ‘house spirit’, which seems appropriate after his recent escapade.

Tower Hamlets Police in London are continuing to investigate the burglary, which took place on Tuesday night, and warned residents that it’s important to keep their doors and windows securely shut.



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