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How To Choose The Best Dog House

Best Dog House

If you just brought home a new dog to be added to your family, or if you just need to do some doggie housing upgrades, choosing the best dog house is an important task. There are definitely some things you need to consider as you make plans. Here are some tips to help you with that task.

Sizing Your Dog House

If you have a full grown dog, this is going to be a little easier to do.

If you still have a puppy, a little more research may be in order. You want to know, if you are able, how big your puppy will grow to be once he reaches adulthood. You want the dog house to fit the needs of the future, as well as for today. If you adopted a dog from a shelter, and he’s a mixed breed, it may be smart to plan for the largest breed bloodline in him. A little trick is to look at the size of a puppy’s paws. If they appear to be bigger than what is “normal” on a puppy, you can probably bet that your dog will be bigger than you think once he is full grown.

Take into consideration that your dog’s house should allow for enough room for him to stand up without a hindrance, as well as having the ability to turn around in it to reposition for laying down without it being too cramped. If you’re purchasing a dog house online, check out the measurements closely to see if this will be a comfortable fit for your dog before hitting the “buy” button.

Weatherproofing Your Dog House

Every climate has its own challenges, so keep in mind the various weather conditions at different times of the year when designing, building or purchasing your dog house. It’s always a wise decision to have a foundation of some sort to place the dog house upon. This helps to keep your dog from being directly exposed to the ground, which is highly important in winter months. It also helps with any water pooling issues that may occur during rainy seasons. If your dog house is built out of wood, keeping it away from water in this manner is important, since it helps to prevent the wood from rotting too soon.

If you are building your house out of wood, be sure to put a treatment on the wood to make it as water resistant as possible. Keep your dog away from the house until the treatment dries, though, so he is not exposed to any chemicals before it is safe. You may even consider building it out of pre-treated materials that require less maintenance over time.


You will want to put some sort of bedding in there to keep your dog happy and warm. You may choose to put his favorite blanket or dog bed in there, but you will have to be sure to clean them regularly to keep them in the best condition and free from pests. Other choices that are lower in maintenance are scraps of carpet, cedar chips or even large car mats. The scraps of carpet are often found rather cheaply at flooring stores that sell “remnants”, cedar chips help with smell and temperature control, and car mats are very easy to remove for a quick hosing down for easy cleaning.



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