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How to Catch a Squirrel


So, you think squirrels are cute? They are born foragers and they can forage anywhere, even your house. If a squirrel already has been a nuisance to you, it's time to get hold of this culprit.

Let's face it. Squirrels are cute. Aren't they? The way they jump up and down the trees, the way they eat nuts by holding them in their cute little paws, the way they run when cats and dogs try to catch them, and the way they look at you in fear when confronted.

Their cute little faces disguise the terror they are. The things that you find cute often belies the destruction, it can create in the house. If you are already tormented by a squirrel with intolerably cute, deliberate pretense, waste no time and make attempts to catch it.

Catching squirrels can be a grueling and time-consuming task as they are quick, independent, pesky animals to deal with. Whether you catch one in your house or in the wild, the technique is the same.

Once you have decided that you are going to catch a squirrel, go ahead and prepare the list of things you will need.
Squirrel traps. It's next to impossible to catch a squirrel without a trap!
Bait such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, apples, and grains
Permission or license to catch, release or kill as per your local area law
Now that you have your materials ready, follow this step by step.
Find out where the squirrel lives. Watch its daily routine. Once you have identified the place it resides, you are now ready to bait your trap.
Place the bait in a small plate and keep it at the end of the trap. Make sure that the squirrel passes through the trip plate to get the food.
Set the trap near holes or tunnels or the apparent places in the house like the attic. You need to check the laid trap every 24 hours.
Squirrels have strong sense of smell and the food in the trap will attract them. Once the squirrel crosses the trip door to reach to the food, shut the door. The squirrel will be trapped inside. It may squeal, chatter or make some noise, when it tries to escape.
Check your rules on releasing, keeping or killing the animal.
There are some important things, you will need to look into before implementing this trick. You will need to check the trap every hour, if you do not want the squirrel to die. The trapping methods mentioned here are easy to follow. However, what you need to have is patience. You have given an eviction notice to the squirrel, now, it's just a matter of time for it to make it a success.



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