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26 things you’ll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bed

26 things you'll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bed

Come to bed eyes (Picture: Getty)

A survey this week has revealed that over a third of all pet owners let their dog share their bed. I watched the news report with my own two dogs cuddled up in bed alongside me.

These pack animals think it’s super for everyone to sleep in a big pile, they’ll take sleeping in your bed over sleeping anywhere else in the world!

Which is rather endearing.

But while it’s lovely to have the cuddles and warmth sometimes letting your beloved hound sleep with you isn’t always a bed of roses…

1. Dogs get heavier when they’re on the bed. It’s a fact. They seem to weigh far more than usual when trying to move them over, move them off you or just move them off the bed. In fact you can’t move them at all. 

26 things you'll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bed

2. Their snoring is way worse than your partners. But over the years it has become a comfort to you.

3. You’ve woken up with a bum in your face. And not a human one.

4. It’s a lie – dogs don’t usually sleep curled up in a little ball, most sleep stretched right out. Which means you usually can’t. You’ve learnt how to sleep in various convoluted shapes take the unmoveable dog’s position on the bed into account.

5. And you have learnt how to sleep without rolling over or having any free movement to take the unmoveable dog’s position on the bed into account.

6. Which means you are always full of aches and pains.

7. At least you ALWAYS have a creature to blame suspicious smells on. Because there will be a LOT of suspicious smells.

8. And suspicious damp patches.

9. Your bedroom is not a peaceful, relaxing sanctuary. It is little more than a playground. Let’s all jump on the bed!

26 things you'll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bed

10. And your bedroom is certainly not a romantic boudoir. Dog either wants in on the play or gives you such a look you’re unable to carry on with any romantic endeavours. Even with them behind the door expect the howling to put you off or the hair and slobber in the bed to kill the mood.

26 things you'll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bed

11. Because yes you have a lot of hair and slobber in your bed. 

12. And bits of bone and chew toy.

13. And a film of gritty dust that dogs just seem to leave behind, like fine sand spread across your bed. You have to spend half an hour brushing the sheets and shaking the duvet out before you can even get in or it’s like sleeping on the beach. 

14. In fact you dream of the nights you can slip into a freshly laundered bed before the dog has had a chance to turn it back into the pooch pit.

15. You love and trust your dog but you’ve read the stories of people having their faces pulled off while they sleep by rabid canines. Best keep a couple of senses still on alert just in case.

16. Your dog’s senses are always still on alert so don’t let that snoring fool you – one sniff of a neighbour coming home late and you’re all up and barking, no matter what time it is. Still at least it’s useful if you ever have burglars.

26 things you'll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bedSHHH! Don’t wake them. (Picture: StephsShoes)

17. Someone will tell you that it encourages bad or dominant behaviour in your dog and shouldn’t be allowed.

18. So you have a stab at least once a year of trying to get you both out of the habit. The resulting sleepless nights of crying and howling beat you and dog is soon back on the bed.

19. You’re unable to make full use of all the space in an dogless bed now anyway you’re so conditioned into a sleeping in a static Y shape. 

20. Your dog spends a bit of time circling and patting down the bed before they make their spot just right and fall into it. They’re more comfortable than you.

26 things you'll only know if you let your dog sleep on your bed

21. In very deep sleep the dog vibrates with their dreams, sometimes they judder all over the place. It’s rather funny.

22. You’re secretly grateful for the warmth on a cold night.

23. You are woken up by a tongue to the face or paws on the head as dog – who has no respect for hangovers or alarm clocks – roots you out from your burrow with enthusiasm every morning. 

24. The pillow is the top spot, you sometimes have to move dog down just to get your own head on it.

25. There’ll be an accident one day, if it hasn’t happened yet it will. A young dog can get over-excited and an old dog can lose control, whatever, be prepared to encounter a steaming lake or pile right in the centre of your duvet. One day.

26. You’ve spooned your dog, you loved it. Admit it.



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