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A Horde Of Corgis Took Over An Office For The Best Reason Ever. THE BEST.


Corgsmas Pawty at BarkBox HQ-26




BarkBox was lucky enough to host and witness a Corgi Christmas miracle come to life, thanks to the FrapPack! As an added bonus these Corgis use their pawesome cuteness to raise $430 all for the Humane Society Of New York. High Paws!


Here’s an inside look at the Corgiest pawliday pawty yet with a guest list that included the who’s who of the Corgi world.

To say it got a wee bit intense is a supreme understatement.


It started out tame, like any other pawty…


Image via Wally The Welsh Corgi

Image via Wally The Welsh Corgi


You know…cute corgis dressed in cute pawliday outfits!


Image via Wally The Welsh Corgi



Until things got rowdddddy!


Image via Wally The Welsh Corgi



Like this pupper who was having way too much fun to notice the glass door. (Don’t you guys worry the pup’s hooman made sure he was fine!)




There were tricks and treats…


I'm just here for the ladies corgi


And shakes and beats…


Image via Wally The Welsh Corgi

Image via Wally The Welsh Corgi


And even a Corgi carrying an elf carrying a present!


Rudolph aint having it


And at the end of it all, we just wanted to wish you…


Merry Corgimas



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