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Hamster Toy Ideas


Hamsters make great pets, that's an open secret. But they need to be entertained too. So, here are some ideas for toys that you can make to please your furry friends.

Happy the hamster, lived with a little boy called Tom. Tom played with him everyday after returning from school and a little before going to school in the morning.

But when Tom went to school, Happy was not so happy. He was bored sitting in his cage all alone. He waited eagerly for Tom to return and finish off his homework so that he could play with him. Tom's mother saw how bored and dull Happy was when Tom wasn't around. She tried to cheer him up, but nothing helped. Finally, she decided to explore some ideas for toys for Happy, so that he would be entertained even when Tom wasn't home. Here's what she found.

Swing Me 
Hamsters are really playful animals. They enjoy running around. So, keeping them in cages is already limiting for their motor skills. Use this simple idea. Take a roll of toilet paper (minus the toilet paper). Paint it with bright colors and suspend it in the cage using wires. Watch as your hamster swings on it, trying to maintain balance. 

Rock n Roller
For some reason, hamsters also enjoy hiding. Take a cardboard, and roll it (a little bigger than the size of the hamster). Paste the ends firmly, so that the roll does not open up. Paint it if you'd like to, and just keep it in the cage. The hamster will be happy hiding inside and running around it, rolling it from one side of the cage to another.

Home Sweet Home
This idea is for the really creative ones. If you have the time and patience, make a lovely two-storeyed house, with plastic or cardboard. Make some tiny swinging doors and a slide for the hamster to get from one level of the house to another. You'll enjoy the running around of the hamster more than it does, I'm sure!

My Comfy Bed
Take an empty cereal box and take off one side. Make a tiny cushion using cotton wool, or get a tiny cushion to fit into the box. Place this bed into the cage. Your pet will love the soft bed and when not sleeping, will enjoy its softness to jump on.

One of the favorites among hamster toys is the spinning wheel. Just get a small wheel on which the hamster will be able to perch himself and suspend it from the roof of the cage. He'll get the exercise he needs and will also enjoy running on the wheel.

Haze Maze
Make your hammy exercise his gray cells a bit. Construct a simple maze using small cardboard pieces, tubes and flipping doors. Keep some treats at regular intervals. Place this maze into his cage. Now sit back and watch how he runs around the maze, trying to get from treat to treat. Reward him with a bigger treat when he reaches the finish line!

Chewy Wonder
Hamsters love to chew on stuff. So, instead of having your favorite sweater ruined, just pop in a simple plastic tube for your little hammy to chew on. Trust me, he'll be occupied for hours and won't bother you one bit.

I'm sure that Happy was really happy with these different toys that Tom's mother tried out for him. Though he'll still enjoy playing with Tom more, he'll definitely while away his time with these toys until then. Playing with your pet and loving him is the most effective care that you can provide him with. Take care and have fun!



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