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Choosing the Correct Cage Size for a Cockatiel


Cockatiels, relatives of the cockatoo, have been bred as pets since the 1800s. While these birds live together in pairs or flocks in the wild, they are often kept singly in captivity. Hence, it is important to make your bird feel as comfortable as possible by choosing the proper cockatiel cage size.

DO: Determine how much time your cockatiel spends in its cage

The more time you anticipate your cockatiel spending in its cage, the larger you want that enclosure to be. Your bird needs a place to stretch its wings fully and flap about without constriction.

DO: Take into account the size of your cockatiel

Cages are not one-size-fits-all. Take the current size of your cockatiel into account as well as the bird's size at maturity. Cockatiels reach a size of up to 24 inches from the top of the head to the tip of the tail when fully grown.

DON'T: Pick too large of a cage

While you should choose a cage large enough for your cockatiel to move around in freely, a cage that is too large is stressful for your bird. Pick a cage no larger than 50 inches wide and deep with a maximum height of 75 inches to ensure your bird has a comfortable home.

DON'T: Leave your cockatiel in the cage all the time

Your cockatiel needs time out of the cage. To ensure it receives proper exercise and socialization with you and others, make sure to let your bird out of its cage daily.

Choosing the proper cockatiel cage size is the most important decision you can make regarding your pet. Use these handy tips when making your selection, but also speak with a bird expert at your local pet store to ensure you choose the proper home for your bird.



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