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Proof That Every Dog Needs A Baby Human

All moms know that when you bring home a new baby, the family dog — also known as the first baby — might be a little less than thrilled about sharing your attention. Secretly though, dogs and babies are just meant to be best friends. Here are a few reasons why, actually, your dog will love having a baby around.

Babies make excellent personal trainers. Your dog will never be more in shape.


Flickr/Bev Sykes (CC by 2.0)


A baby is basically a built-in playmate.


Flickr/Erika Sievert (CC by 2.0)


A baby will help your dog improve his watchdog skills by A LOT.




Two heads (of roughly the same size) are always better than one.




A dog knows that it's easier for the baby to steal food than it is for him ... and the baby will always share.




Every dog needs a pint-sized cuddle buddy ...




... and they make great pillows, too.




A dog can learn a lot from a baby about being photogenic.




And now he knows what his humans mean when they say, "be gentle."




Baby hugs are definitely the best kind of hug.




And sometimes, it's nice to have someone just as cute as you around.




Best of all, a baby will always be there to find a way to make a dog's life a little bit better ...




... for years and years to come.




Remember, be sure to watch your dog's body language when he's playing with your baby, and never leave the two of them alone together. For more information,visit this website and stay informed!



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