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Tips on Keeping the Emperor Scorpion as a Pet

Emperor Scorpion

An Emperor scorpion may not be everyone's ideal pet, but for many owners who are fascinated by arachnids find this animal to be charming. As an arachnid, it is related to spiders. The main difference is that scorpions have two large claws and a sharp stinging tail. Emperors are some of the largest examples, and it makes this type of insect an impressive pet.

However, special care must be given to these exotic creatures.

Never Touch the Scorpion

This is a not a pet that plays with its owner. Arachnids are solitary by nature and do not like to be handled. Combine this with the powerful stinger on the animal's back and it can get dangerous when it is angry. The best strategy is to pick up the animal using tongs, or to coax it into a small box for transport.

Use a Glass Enclosure

The best place for keeping this type of pet is a glass aquarium. The 20 gallon size provides plenty of room for the arachnid to exercise. It is also a good size for easy cleaning. Wire cages do not work since the animal can get its claws stuck in the mesh. Screen cages do not work because the animal can escape.

Keep the Cage Warm

Emperor scorpions come from a hot and dry environment so owners must make sure that the cage is kept warm. These creatures do not like bright lights so using a heating lamp is not an option. A heating pad taped either to the back or bottom of the enclosure is the best idea. Install a thermometer in the enclosure to make sure the temperature stays at 77 F or 22 C.

Feed Live Insects

Arachnids eat live prey. The best type of food for this pet is crickets and mealworms. Feed the insects some insect food that loads their bodies with vitamins first. Then, the owner should gently pick up the insect with a pair of tongs and offer it to the arachnid. If the Emperor does not eat, put the insect back in its own enclosure. Live insects should not be left in the same cage as the Emperor because the insects can bite.

Offer Plenty of Water

Emperors need a lot of water and an enclosure that is high in humidity to stay healthy. Owners can either opt to give the pet water or use silica gel purchased from a pet store. The substrate of the enclosure should be something thick and moist like coconut fiber. A daily spraying of the substrate helps to keep humidity high inside the cage.

Watch for Warning Signs

There are several signs of an unhealthy Emperor. If it keeps looking like it is stinging itself with its tail, then it is too hot. Change the setup or remove the heating pad temporarily. Lethargic Emperors may be getting ready to molt, but if this behavior lasts more than a week the animal could be sick. Owners need to find a local vet that can handle arachnids in case of emergencies.

The large Emperor scorpion is a fascinating creature to watch. Left to its own devices it will live a very happy and long life in its cage. Owners must be careful when handling their pet and make sure to offer it water and food daily. It makes a great low maintenance pet that can be fun for the right owner.



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