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17 Scary Stories Of Pets Sensing The Supernatural

Dogs barking at thin air and cats fleeing from disaster just before it strikes…

Here are some storiesnto make you question whether our pets can see a world that we do not.

1. A Face in the Webcam

I was home alone and trying out my webcam for the first time. My dog Petey immediately ran down the hall behind me barking and growling.

At this point I was using the face detection thing on the webcam where it will put a paper bag over your head on the screen. Petey came back and sat by my feet and at that momentmy webcam detected a face over my shoulder and in the screen was a floating paper bag that disappeared after a few seconds.

Submitted by morgano4b8c4e96c

A Face in the Webcam
Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

2. Mysterious Circumstances

Apparently the man who used to own our apartment disappeared under “mysterious circumstances” and is still missing thirty something years later. Every pet we’ve owned has acted weirdly. The dogs bark at nothing. The cats mysteriously bolt out of the room for no reason. My dog, who is adopted and was likely abused by a man before we got him, will growl at nothing and react the way he does around strange men when no one is there. Even creepier? Sometimes I’ll be taking a bath and feel like someone else is in the room, watching me, and when I open the door my cat is sitting outside like she’s standing guard. At least I’m protected!

Submitted by pinkrobin

3. Something in the Closet

I took my dog with me to feed my neighbors cats and she went into a closet and just stood in the corner staring up. Later I found out that my neighbors pets do the same thing.

Submitted by nicholew4c66500ab

4. The Window

As I watched TV, my cat walked into the room and jumped on my lap. Suddenly he just stopped and stared out of the window behind me intently. He dug his claws into my shoulder and lowered his head as if to focus on something outside. He then started to meow in a low-tone as if something was creeping up behind me, which sent a chill down my spine. He suddenly moved his head to the right and before I could react I heard my mum beep the family car horn which startled me enough to get up and run to the front door screaming, cradling my cat like a baby.

I was too afraid to turn around that night; so I’ll never know if there was someone, something, or nothing at the window.

Submitted By Nattie Nattellah Kurlz, Facebook

5. A Voice in the Night

I have a Great Dane named Bellatrix and at night she sleeps in bed with my husband and myself. A few weeks ago I was tossing and turning and woke up in the middle of night. When I tried to go back to sleep I heard a man’s voice say, “Hello.”I brushed it off to hearing things and tried to sleep for the second time when I heard the man’s voice yell, “Hello!” To my surprise my Dane heard it as well and was now staring at the ceiling, growling and barking. A few days ago I had the same experience, only this time with 3 loud knocks which sounded as if it was coming from inside our wall and were also heard by my Dane. I guess you could say I have a real Scooby Doo on my hands, but this is just a mystery I’d rather not solve.

Submitted by Lacy Leggett, Facebook

A Voice in the Night
Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

6. Darkness Falls

My husband was home alone late one night. He decided to watch the movie Darkness Falls. In this movie, a ghostly figure often appears near the ceiling. While watching the movie, he noticed his two dogs staring, completely unmoving, at a spot on the ceiling behind his head. He immediately got up and started frantically turning on all of the lights!

Submitted by Kimberly Young, Facebook

7. A Spirit in the House

Our black lab was laying on the floor next to us sleeping. OUT OF NOWHERE she jumps up out of her sleep and runs to the formal dining room and starts barking at the corner of walls like CRAZY. My mom then says “Theres a spirit in our house.”She went to the kitchen to get oil so she could pray.

My mom put the oil on the wall and the second she started to pray we all heard something run down the stairs. It was so real that we all looked up at each other and I shouted out, “There’s someone in our house!” But yet there was not. To this day this story gives me the chills.

Submitted by Vida Gomez, Facebook

8. Sensing Disaster

When I was a kid I had a big orange tabby cat named Leo. In our den we had a huge china hutch that our cats knew they weren’t allowed on. One day, as I’m watching TV, Leo starts meowing very insistently and looking above my head. After about 2 minutes of me ignoring him, he jumps up on the hutch, wedges himself behind a crystal bowl set and starts twitching his tail. He then started making these long, keening wails. Eventually I get up to get him so he doesn’t break anything. I walk across the room and no sooner did I pick him up a very large wooden shelf filled with knickknacks falls off the wall…right where my head was lying on the couch.

Submitted by Krista Lynn, Facebook

Sensing Disaster
Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

9. Grandfather’s Watches

After my husband’s grandfather died, everything he had in storage was put in our basement. Slowly we went through everything, finding several old pocket watches. From the day we brought them out of the box upstairs ‘til the day we sold them, our chihuahua would sit on the back of the chair and bark randomly down the hall (where our bedroom was, which is where we placed the watches). As soon as we sold them, he went back to being his normal self.

Submitted by Jessa Marie Cook, Facebook

10. The Glass Dish

My childhood cat went into the utility room and just sat staring at his glass food dish, which then proceeded to violently explode into smithereens, covering the whole room. The cat was unharmed.

Submitted by Philippa Docherty, Facebook

11. The Basement

When I was 12 years old my family got our first dog. At the time I slept upstairs and our dog slept with me in my room. A couple years later when my parents had another child they moved me into the basement room. Our dog refused to go down there at all. When I forced him into my room he would cry and whine right next to the door until I let him out.

A couple of years later we got another dog. I decided that I would have him sleep with me since our older dog refused to, but the same thing happened with him! From the first day he hated being in my basement room and when forced in there would cry and claw at my door to be let out.

Submitted by nathanb476b85b0b

The Basement
Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

12. Murder House

There was a murder/suicide that had occurred at a house in our quiet neighborhood. One day about a month after it had happened, I was running with my dog around our neighborhood. She was running full speed ahead when all of a sudden she turned sharply to the side and just stopped in front of this house. She stood there and just stared at it. I had to literally drag her away. Freaked me right out.

Submitted by nicolebrownp

13. The Wall

One time I walked in on my dog intently staring at the wall, swaying…

Submitted by jamiec4d7c5b733

14. The Hallway

In the 6 years I’ve had my dog, I’ve never heard her howl. I’ve heard her bark and growl. Out of no where, she leaves my room, sits right outside my door in the hallway and just starts howling at something. Then the next morning, she did the same thing, just started howling, for 3 hours. I found out later that day that she got into my brother’s room that night, which he always keeps the door closed, without anyone letting her in there. Well, at least no one in the family.

Submitted by kristinak42e52d313

15. Under the Tile

I lived in a famously haunted house in San Pedro California a few years ago. A lot happened there but the scariest was when we took in a stray dog. He never made a sound until one day he stopped at the bottom of the basement stairs and started barking at the ceiling. When we moved the tile aside we pulled out a pile of news clippings from before the 1950s, all about murders, suicides and accidents where people died. It was truly creepy.

Submitted by andyw13

Under the Tile
Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

16. Horror-Loving Kitty

I had a cat named Lola, and she was super sweet. One day I came home from Target with a bag full of $10 movies. I watched Paranormal Activity 3 and at the most sinister and disturbing parts she would start purring very loudly. For example, when Toby the demon pulled Katie off the floor by her hair, Lola began purring and rubbing against the TV. Every time I watched horror movies after that, she was right by my side.

Submitted by Taya MacKenzie, Facebook

17. The Daughter’s Bedroom

We were staying at a family friends home and we had our dog with us. Since the family had cats that didn’t get along with dogs we put her in this upstairs bedroom. Everything was fine until we were sitting in the kitchen after dinner and all of sudden we just heard our dog start barking like crazy. And she NEVER barks at anything. It was loud and sounded so desperate. When I went to check on her she was pacing around the room. She stopped and looked at me and then stared at something in the corner of the room. I thought it was bizarre but since I didn’t see anything I started to close the door again. Immediately she started barking and wouldn’t stop until I came back in the room.

The family then told us how the original owner’s young daughter had died and that used to be her bedroom. They had sometimes heard footsteps and laughing on the stairs going up there.

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